Datasets for Programmatic SEO

Looking for datasets for your programmatic SEO projects?

We have got our hands dirty collecting these wonderful datasets that you can just download and get started. This is a list of useful and high-quality datasets that you can use for your pSEO projects.

Most of the datasets in the list are 100% free and not to mention, all of these datasets are manually curated.

pSEO datasets

Note that, these datasets are in no specific order!

Movies datasets

Creating a movie-related programmatic site? We have collected 10 extremely useful movie datasets for you to use.

Check movies datasets

Salary datasets

Salary-related keywords get beyond 3M monthly searches (KD < 50), use our salary datasets to create a pSEO site in the niche.

Check salary datasets

Crime datasets

You can target crimes in {city} and other related keywords by using crime-related datasets from this section.

Check crime datasets

Cars datasets

The cars niche has one of the most pSEO-friendly keywords, use these high-quality datasets for your programmatic site in the niche.

Check cars datasets

Music datasets

Music is not the niche many content marketers head toward, and there is your chance. Here are 10 useful music datasets for you.

Check music datasets

Cellphones datasets

Cellphones niche is an ever-changing but also an extremely high-return niche. The datasets can help you build a pSEO site related to cell phones.

Check cellphones datasets

Sports datasets

If you’re passionate about sports and want to start a pSEO site in the niche, I have got some high-quality datasets for you.

Check sports datasets

Electric vehicles datasets

Future vehicles will be electric, and having a robust electric vehicle content site can bring many opportunities in the future.

Check electric vehicles datasets

Stocks datasets

Get your hand on these 10 useful datasets about stocks and get started with your programmatic SEO site project ASAP.

Check stocks datasets

NBA datasets

Generally, NBA datasets are easy to find; not quality ones. We made our hands dirty finding these useful NBA datasets, so you have to.

Check NBA datasets

Social media datasets

Looking for social media-related interesting datasets with tens of data points? Here you go.

Check social media datasets

Books datasets

You can create book websites/blogs by using these useful book-related datasets.

Check books datasets

Tourism datasets

If you have or planning to have a website in the travel and tourism niche, here are the top 10 datasets to use.

Check tourism datasets

All the best for your programmatic SEO projects.

If you have niche suggestions that I should collect datasets for, kindly let me know in the comments below.


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