Electric Vehicles Datasets for Programmatic SEO

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Looking to create a programmatic SEO website in the electric vehicles niche?

You have come to the right place, then. We have collected the 10 best electric vehicles datasets for programmatic SEO (most of them are free) that you can download/access for your projects.

Let’s take a look…

10 useful electric vehicles datasets for pSEO

Along with a brief description of all the datasets, we have also included the format(s) they are available in.

1. Quickest Electric Cars

Available format(s): CSV

Quickest Electric Cars dataset contains a list of 170+ electric vehicles and their basic specifications, including vehicle make and model, top speed, and 0-60mph acceleration time.

2. Cheapest Electric Cars

Available format(s): CSV

A dataset of the most affordable electric cars, including name, performance specs, and charging information. 170+ records.

3. Electric & Alternative Fuel Charging Stations

Available format(s): CSV

The Electric & Alternative Fuel Charging Stations dataset contains information about charging stations for electric and alternative fuel vehicles in the US and Canada. It includes details such as fuel type, station name, address, zip code, and phone number for over 50,000 records.

4. Electric Vehicle Population

Available format(s): CSV

The Electric Vehicle Population dataset is a collection of data on the number and technical information about electric vehicles on the roads in the United States, including information such as country, city, model, model year, and electric vehicle type. It contains over 7,500 records.

5. Electric & Alternative Fuel Vehicles US

Available format(s): CSV

This dataset contains detailed information on all Electric and Alternative Fuel Vehicles available in the US, including specs such as category, model, model year, manufacturer, fuel, range, fuel economy, transmission type, engine type, size and cylinder count, passenger capacity, heavy-duty power system, notes, and drivetrain. It has 600+ records.

6. EVPopulation

Available format(s): CSV

EVPopulation dataset contains information on the number and technical details of electric vehicles on the road, with data for various countries, cities, models, model years, and types of electric vehicles. It has 4000+ records and covers various attributes of the Electric vehicles.

7. EV Database

Available format(s): CSV, JSON

EV Database dataset contains detailed information on Electric Vehicles in several countries, including vehicle specs, pricing, and market data, with options for customized data exports through an API for commercial use, and free use under strict conditions. Contains data for Germany, the Netherlands and United Kingdom and with 10 data modules available and all data dynamically generated at request.

8. Laws & Incentives for Electric Vehicles US

Available format(s): CSV

A dataset containing laws and incentives for the promotion of Electric Vehicles in the US, including federal and state laws. The dataset includes 1400+ records and is regularly updated, containing information such as law id, state, amended date, and description.

9. Electric Vehicle Population Size History By County

Available format(s): JSON

Dataset of historical monthly electric vehicle registration counts by county in US, separated by passenger vehicles and trucks, includes BEV and PHEV numbers and total EVs provided by the Department of Licensing.

10. Find a charging station — Electric vehicle

Available format(s): CSV, JSON

A dataset of list of charging stations for Electric Vehicles along Queensland’s Electric Vehicle Super Highway. Includes location data and number of charging stations for each location.

That’s it.

All the best for your pSEO projects in the electric vehicles niche.


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