Tourism Datasets for Programmatic SEO

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Looking to create a programmatic SEO website in the tourism niche?

You have come to the right place, then. We have collected the 10 best tourism datasets for programmatic SEO (most of them are free) that you can download/access for your projects.

Let’s take a look…

10 useful tourism datasets for pSEO

Along with a brief description of all the datasets, we have also included the format(s) they are available in.

1. Wikivoyage points of interest

Available format(s): CSV, MySQL, XML

A dataset of 313,473 points of interest manually selected by Wikivoyage, the travel guide by Wikimedia, including tourist sights, attractions, restaurants, hotels and more, with information such as article, type, title, address, phone, email, website, hours, price, location and amenities.

2. Thai tourism

Available format(s): CSV

Thai tourism dataset includes monthly number of tourist visas issued for the period 2010-2016, separated by region and nationality, with a total of 4,452 records.

3. Indonesia Tourism Destination

Available format(s): CSV

Indonesia Tourism Destination dataset contains information on ~400 tourist attractions in 5 major cities in Indonesia along with dummy user data and ratings to make recommendation features based on user preferences. Also, it contains package_tourism.csv which contains recommendations for nearby places based on time, cost and rating.

4. International Tourism Demographics

Available format(s): CSV

International Tourism Demographics dataset provides data on the number of arrivals, departures and expenditure of international tourists, sourced from the World Bank, for various countries and regions over a period of time.

5. INDIA Tourism

Available format(s): CSV

The INDIA Tourism dataset contains data on foreign visitors to India, including information on the number of arrivals, departures, and expenditure. It includes data on foreign tourists, overseas Indian, and crew members. The dataset includes information on foreign exchange earnings, world and regional tourism data, and India’s position in world and regional tourism statistics.

6. Places to go shopping in Leeds

Available format(s): CSV

This dataset contains a list of shopping places in Leeds, including the name, location and type of shopping offered.

7. International tourism, number of arrivals

Available format(s): CSV, XML

This dataset contains the number of international tourist arrivals for various countries, as reported by the World Tourism Organization (WTO). The data is presented in the WTO’s Yearbook of Tourism Statistics and Compendium of Tourism Statistics, and is also available in data files.

8. Visitors to Taiwan By Residence

Available format(s): CSV

Dataset contains monthly data on number of visitors to Taiwan by their country of residence, scraped from Taiwan Tourism Bureau, with additional field of sub-region and information on special residence values such as “Others” and “Unstated” in the dataset. It also relates to another dataset ‘Visitors to Taiwan by purpose’ which adds one more dimension of purpose of visit.

9. Tourism (Go Brrr)

Available format(s): CSV

A dataset of various tourism statistics, including number of arrivals, fatalities in aviation accidents, and number of passengers per fatality.

10. OpenTripMap

Available format(s): JSON

The OpenTripMap API encompasses over 10 million tourist attractions and facilities around the world. Object types are hierarchically structured.

That’s it.

All the best for your pSEO projects in the tourism niche.


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