DelightChat: Programmatic SEO Case Study

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DelightChat was probably the first to annouce that they are using programmatic SEO to generate multiple dynamic pages at once. Preetam of DelightChat has done a great job at this.

They have created “best type” posts targeting their potential customers.

DelightChat overview

DelightChat is a customer service management platform that helps businesses streamline customer service and improve team productivity by allowing them to manage chats from WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Email and Live Chat all in one place. It offers features such as chat assignment to team members, fast reply with templates and automations, WhatsApp broadcast campaigns, abandoned cart recovery, order tracking links, retention marketing and more.

DelightChat programmatic SEO overview

DelightChat has implemented the techniques of programmatic SEO in the following area(s). Let’s take a look at the case study:

Area – Best shopify apps

In this area, DelightChat targets best shopify {category} apps keyword which is informational in nature. The programmatic pages generated under “best shopify apps” are blog post type.

Let’s take a look at some example pages in this area, and how much organic traffic they generate every month:

Example page Monthly organic traffic
Best Ebay Apps for Shopify 808
Best Social Login Shopify Apps 128
Best Subscriptions Apps for Shopify 119

DelightChat area Best shopify apps screenshot

Best shopify apps – data points

A few data points that DelightChat uses on these programmatically generated pages are:

  • A descriptive title of the page
  • Features in the bullet point style
  • A long description of the apps category
  • Names, logo, and other details of the listed apps
  • A list of all the apps in the category with detailed description

And that is how DelightChat generates 24.5k organic traffic every single month.

Take a look at other programmatic SEO case studies and see if you can implement the same on your website.


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